Attorney at Law MUSTAFA ALP

Mustafa ALP was born in Konya/Beyşehir at 04.06.1964 and is the Founding Partner of the Law Firm. He was graduated from İzmir 50. Yıl High School and the Istanbul University, Faculty of Law in 1988. Mustafa ALP is partner and the chairman of the Alper Vinç Hiz. İş. Mak. Nak. İnş., which is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Izmir. He is an active member of the Association of Businessman and Industrials of Izmir and is regularly at the activities of the association. His foreign language is English.

Mustafa ALP is on the list of reliable lawyers of the German Consulate in Izmir. He is also a member of Turkish German Lawyers Association (Deutsch-türkische Juristenvereinigung)

E-Mail: mustafaalp@alphukukburosu.com


All legal problems, wishes and expectations of our clients are solved quickly and effectively in Turkish, English and German. Each of our lawyers is knowledgeable, experienced and specialized in their field of expertise, as is our foreclosure department.”