Company Law: Legal consultancy services for transactions of establishing foreign or domestic companies in accordance with the changes in the Turkish Company Law, contractualisations, merger transactions, transactions of sort of changes of the companies, organization of board decisions and general assembly resolutions, merging transactions and all kind of legal practice and consultancy for companies,

Foreign Trade Law: Establishment of Corporation Organizations on Free Zones, providing of operating license and legal consultancy services relating to International Trade Law, particularly customs legislation on Free Zones.

Contract Law: Organizing contracts for private persons and companies in national and international fields, revision of the contracts, which were prepared by the parties and services of reports of conformity, organizing Franchise contracts, transactions of trademark registrations, protection of trademark rights, legal consultancy services for competition law,

Personal Data Protection LawAlp & Aydin Law Office, with its experience and dynamic team of lawyers and consultants, all of whom are experts in their fields, give also effective services in the field of Protection and Privacy of Personal Data. Our services in this area are the responsibilities of the companies, the rights of the data holder, the penalties and possible lawsuits, the administrative, technical and legal measures, which are to be taken, the planning, analysis and to the result of this analysis of the company and the whole  management of the process.

Arbitration Law:   Providing advocacy and consultancy services in the arbitration process for the resolution of commercial disputes between the parties by arbitrator

Arrangement Of Bankruptcy Procedure and Legal Advice: Preparing the financial analysis of the company / natural person by conducting a joint study with competent financial advisors, reviewing the financial statements and assessing their suitability for bankruptcy; the filing of bankruptcy petitions; together with the clients as a solution partner to prosecute and support the legal, as well as the financial processes at each stage, during the temporary and the final deadline, as well as the recognition of bankruptcy, assisting clients in negotiations with creditors during the temporary and the final deadline, the execution of any kind of processing and transactions with the Government Commissar to be appointed, the procurement and preparation of the documents to be presented to the Commissaries’, the conduct of the meetings with the commissaries and the creditors, the prosecution and execution of the proceedings, against the enforcement proceedings against the client, as well as all other legal and advisory services relating to the legal and financial problems, as well as the prosecution of enforcement proceedings in the field of enforcement.

Labor Law: Services of labor actions, preparing employment contracts, the calculation of the workers demands and their deductions, particularly of severance payments, occupational safety and health regulations,

Family Law: Divorcement, Marital Property, pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages, Alimony, Recognition and Enforcement, Parental, and all cases of the Family Court,

Tourism Law: Legal representation and consultancy services in the tourism industry with the aim of achieving solutions, preparing contracts for hotel rentals and purchase contracts, Limitation of land registration for transfer of ownership, and the corresponding research on the suitability to the transfer of ownership,

Inheritance Law: All kind of inheritance actions of our citizens or foreigners live in Turkey or abroad, legal services through the search and determination of inherited property in Turkey and preparing reports

Real-Estate Law: Elimiation of joint ownership, Consultancy of Real Estate Investment, Civil Nuisance and Claim for Mesne Profits, Claim for Rent and Evacuation,

Execution and Banruptcy Law: Execution Proceedings of companies and persons, Bankruptcy and Suspension of Bankruptcy,

Public Law: All kind of tax cases and tax avoidance of companies or persons and all administrative actions of damages.